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Resources - category 8

Handicap permits and plates

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Compliance      download .pdf

Parking Mobility -
If you see a car that is not legally parked in a handicap designated parking spot, don't get mad...report it! This is a phone app available for android and apple phones.

Plates and permits      download .pdf

Illinois Persons with Disabilities Parking Program -
An overview of the plates and permits applicable to the disabled. Links to application and certification can be found on this page.

Persons with Disabilities License Plates Guide -
Fees and the type of plates are explained here.

Wisconsin permanent disabled license plate -
This webpage lists eligibiity and rules for use of a handicap plate issued by the Wisconsin DMV.

Wisconsin permanent permit -
Find out the exact rules for the use of disabled parking placards that hang from the rearview mirror. These, too, are issued by the Wisconsin DMV.