Prosthetic FAQs for the new amputee Oct '21 -
A review of the terminology may ease your search for, and conversation with, a new prosthetist. The Amputee Coalition has put together a handy resource sheet to help make an informed decision about prosthetics and prosthetists, with explanations of some of the most frequently used terms in the decision-making process.


Hangar Prosthetics Nov '20 -
Hangar serves northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin with a half dozen locations.

Kelsey Prosthetics and Orthotics Oct '21 -
Brian Kelsey's team serves patients from the south central Wisconsin area and beyond.

NovaCare Prosthetics and Orthotics Nov '20 -
NovaCare has offices in Kenosha, Milwaukee, Madison, and 5 other locations in Wisconsin that provide prostheses and orthoses. NovaCare also has offices in Illinois, but only physical therapy offices, and none in Lake or McHenry Counties.

Prosthetist finder Nov '20 -
This tool is provided by the Amputee Coalition. You can specify times, days of week, location, experience level and so on, to find a prosthetist that best meets your needs.


Here are some of the best-known manufacturers of prosthetic devices and components. Nov '20 -
list College Park
list Endolite
list Freedom Innovations
list Ossur
list Otto Bock
list Proteor USA
list Willow Wood

An inovative category for prostheses is the adjustable socket designed by these manufacturers. Nov '20 -
list RetroFit by Click Medical
list Infinite Socket by LIM Innovations
list Socket-less Socket by Martin Bionics