Just One Foot: How Amputation Cured My Disability - Judy Johnson Berma Nov '20 -
This is a first-person account about growing up with a limb difference and the decision to amputate.

Living With a Below-Knee Amputation; A Unique Insight From a Prosthetist/Amputee - Richard Lee Riley, CP, BSe Nov '20 -
This is an insightful book covering the full range of topics related to below knee amputations such as: planning for an amputation, the terminology of prosthetics and experiences of people who wore them, legal issues, and a variety of useful resources.

Lower Limb Amputation - Dr. Adrian Cristian Nov '20 -
This book covers topics related to life as a new amputee and all it entails.

Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind - V. S. Ramachandran Nov '20 -
Many amputees will to some degree experience phantom sensations or phantom pain. Learn what it means to have "a phantom" and what can be done to decrease its effect. 

You're Not Alone: With the Stories of 38 Remarkable Amputees Who Conquered the Challenges of a Lifetime - John Sabolich Nov '20 -
Inspirational recounting of life experiences by amputees. The book is a bit outdated but still very relevant.


AMPLITUDE magazine Nov '20 -
Amplitude magazine provides valuable and unbiased news, information, and resources for amputees who want to live more fully, as well as articles and information relevant to their families and their caregivers. It offers content on a wide variety of topics, including peer support, active living, emotional issues, health and wellness, mobility, and adaptive living—anything that will help amputees enjoy all that life has to offer.

MOVE UNITEDmagazine Nov '20 -
Move United Magazine (formally Challenge Magazine) is a publication of Disabled Sports USA, providing adaptive sports information to adults and children with disabilities, including those who are visually impaired, amputees, spinal cord injured (paraplegic and quadriplegic), and those who have multiple sclerosis, head injury, cerebral palsy, autism and other related intellectual disabilities. The magazine is available online or in print at no charge.

inMotion Nov '20 -
Published 6 times per year by the Amputee Coalition, this magazine was once a paid subscription, but is now available at no cost,  or as a free online resource on the Amputee Coalition website.

New Mobility Nov '20 -
New Mobility, a subsidiary of United Spinal Association, publishes this monthly magazine for wheelchair users.

O&P EDGE magazine Nov '20 -
EDGE is a free monthly magazine that offers timely information created specifically for the OP&P professional.

Other print resources

Resource Guides

Limb Loss Resource Guide Nov '20 -
Created by Amplitude Media, this guide provides a wide range of information that is useful for all amputees.