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On This Leg:
An amputee support group
serving the WI-IL state line area

Please help us spread the word about this group by printing our flier and sharing it with whomever you think might benefit from attending our meetings. Read on for more information.

If you are reading this, then chances are you are looking for help or information about amputation, or life as an amputee, for yourself or someone you know. We invite you to come to an On This Leg meeting where you will meet other people who have also been searching for that same help.


Amputation and the "new normal" ...On This Leg of our journey through life

Amputation is a part of us, but does not define us. We are living a "new normal," but like everyone else, trying to live a full life despite barriers we face almost daily. With a little help from new friends, we will diminish some of those barriers. Come hear, see, ask, and learn from one another what many who have not experienced amputation cannot offer you. And connect with resources that can simplify daily life or otherwise help fill a need.

We have targeted the state line area of Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois where we know there is a need for a support group like this. We expect that our members will come from East Troy, Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine, Waukegan, McHenry and all parts between and beyond. Therefore, our meeting location is in centrally located Paddock Lake, WI, at Christ Lutheran Church (map). Please note that although we will be meeting in a church, our support group has no affiliation with this or any other religious organization. We also have no affiliation with a hospital, rehab facility, or prosthetist. We have intentionally done this in order to let our members' needs determine the manner in which meetings will be run and the topics we will be discussing. On This Leg meets at the church every other Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. Please check our calendar for our meeting schedule.

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Who comes to these meetings?

On This Leg members are a diverse group of people. We will have amputees of all kinds; people with a limb difference; individuals who are contemplating an amputation; members of an amputee's support system such as spouses and significant others, friends and family; people who work with, or on behalf of, amputees, including PTs, OTs, and prosthetists; and people who have a genuine interest in the life of amputees.

We will have individuals who lost a limb in childhood accidents, 20-, 30-, 40- and 50-plus-year-olds who became amputees after motorcycle or auto accidents; men and women of various ages who lost a limb as a result of diabetes, peripheral artery disease, cancer or other illnesses; and some born with birth defects or limb-length discrepancies. We will have members who are new amputees, long-time amputees, amputees going through second or third amputations or revisions, and those who will soon become an amputee. And there will be people who are not amputees, but who form part of the support system for someone who is an amputee (even if the amputee is not in attendence.)

Some of us will have lingering problems but most others will have none. Professionals, lawyers, blue collar workers, healthcare providers, clerks, supervisors, retirees and young adults will come to On This Leg meetings. In many cases, our members will participate in sports, church, clubs, and other social activities as they did before their amputations. In other words, On This Leg members will reflect non-amputees in many ways. Each of us will have something to offer the group, and much to gain from the group.

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Is this for you?

Having an environment where people can share experiences and ask questions can be invaluable. We, your leaders, are experienced at bringing people together to create a climate of acceptance and openness. Attendees will be welcomed to take part in every discussion, but no one will be pressured into participating if they do not wish to do so. Some people might come for a meeting, then won't come back for a few months. They simply might not be ready. Others might attend every once in a while, but many will feel they benefit from coming on a regular basis.

On This Leg meetings will always be very casual. They will be a place where everyone can feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves and talking about whatever is on their mind. We will frequently find things to laugh about, and have many experiences to share, but we will always leave meetings feeling better than when we arrived. As time goes by, we will repeatedly be proving to ourselves, and to others, that life indeed goes on after an amputation.

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Thank you for coming to learn about our new group. We hope to see you at one of our meetings. Please bookmark this site and return regularly for additional info or updates.

Please help us spread the word about this new group by printing our flier and distributing it, or posting it where permitted.