Does this sound like anyone you know?

  • I am an amputee or a member of an amputee's support system.
  • I am living with limb difference.
  • My doctor says I need an amputation...I'm scared.
  • No one seems to understand the challenges I face every day.
  • I don't think anyone can understand what I have been through.
  • As an amputee I often feel lonely or frustrated by my daily struggles.
  • I'm a new amputee and I have a lot of questions.
  • I wish I had someone to talk to about life as an amputee.
  • Are there any other people "like me" with which I can socialize?

If any of the above sound familiar, read on.

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An overview

  • Amputation introduces changes that become the "new normal."
  • Amputees and those living with limb differences need the help, experience & comaraderie of others with similar issues.
  • Families of amputees and those living with limb differences need support too!
  • Group members not only receive support...they give support. That's what makes it all work.

Change begins here


Amputation and the "new normal"

Amputation was not a choice, but how we move forward with our lives is.

Change begins here

We cannot go back to the way things were before our amputation, and for some of us, we would not want to. Either way, amputation is now a part of us and contributes to how we live our lives. But amputation does not define us. We are living a "new normal," but like everyone else, we are trying to live a full life despite barriers we face almost daily. With time, experience, and a little help from others, we can diminish some of those barriers.

Caring for an amputee creates life changes. Those who fill the crucial support roles with amputees need support too. Meetings offer opportunities to share experiences, challenges, and victories for family and friends as they too navigate through their "new normal" lives.

Come hear, see, ask, and learn from one another what many who have not experienced amputation cannot offer you. And connect with resources that can simplify daily life or otherwise help fill a need.

On This Leg is a not-for-profit organization recognized by the Amputee Coaltion, a national organization that works to raise awareness about, and increase practices to prevent, limb loss. On This Leg meetings are held every other Wednesday evening. See our Meetings page for a calendar and map.

More about meetings


Who comes to these meetings?

On This Leg members are a diverse group of people. We have amputees of all kinds; people with a limb difference; individuals who are contemplating an amputation; members of an amputee's support system such as spouses and significant others, friends and family; people who work with, or on behalf of, amputees, including PTs, OTs, and prosthetists; and people who have a genuine interest in the lives of amputees.

We have individuals who lost a limb in childhood illnesses, 20-, 30-, 40- and 50-plus-year-olds who became amputees after motorcycle or auto accidents; men and women of various ages who lost a limb as a result of diabetes, peripheral artery disease, cancer or other illnesses; and some born with birth defects or limb-length discrepancies. We have members who are new amputees, long-time amputees, amputees going through second or third amputations or revisions, and those who will soon become an amputee. And there are people who are not amputees, but who form part of the support system for someone who is an amputee (even if the amputee is not in attendence.)

Some of us have lingering problems but most others have none. Professionals, blue collar workers, healthcare providers, clerks, supervisors, retirees and young adults come to On This Leg meetings. In many cases, our members participate in sports, church, clubs, and other social activities as they did before their amputations. In other words, On This Leg members reflect non-amputees in many ways. Each of us has something to offer the group, and much to gain from the group.


Is this for you?

Having an environment where people can share experiences and ask questions can be invaluable. We, your leaders, are experienced at bringing people together to create a climate of acceptance and openness. Attendees are welcome to take part in every discussion, but no one is pressured into participating if they do not wish to do so. Sometimes people come for one meeting, and then don't come back for a few months. They simply are not ready. Others attend every once in a while, but most find they benefit from coming on a regular basis.

On This Leg meetings are always very casual. They are a place where everyone can feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves and talking about whatever is on their mind. We frequently find things to laugh about, and have many experiences to share, but we always leave meetings feeling better than when we arrived. We repeatedly prove to ourselves, and to others, that life indeed goes on after an amputation.


We appreciate your interest in learning more about our group. We hope to see you at one of our meetings. Please bookmark this site and return regularly for additional info or updates.

Meeting schedule & location

Need someone to talk to? If you have questions about amputation, or about our support group, give us a call.

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